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America Needs to Repent..

Posted by Admin The ARK on Thursday, August 16, 2012 Under: Personal

Read Isaiah 9:8-17

Tom Daschle speaking on behalf of the United States on Sept. 12, 2001.

He Quotes Isaiah 9:10 with the intent of bringing hope to a Nation that was just attacked.

We perish because we do not know the scriptures. Our lack of knowledge of what was read into a resolution on behalf of the U.S.was actually  a vow to not repent, but to muster up our own strength and not turn to God for our help.This was done in ignorance for sure; but it attached us with that scripture of destruction.

This Sept. 9 thru Oct. 7 I will be speaking on Prophecy

Learn how our Nations leaders went to the corner of Ground Zero, on April 30, 1789, as George Washington called the Nation to prayer
for our newly formed country. He walked them to St. Paul's Chapel. (The Church that wasn't touched at the corner of Ground Zero during the 9/11 attack.) Was the attack at that location a symbol to America? Was the church being spared the warning sign we must heed?

Learn about Prophetic Warnings, Prophetic Blessings, and The Prophetic Seal.

As a Church we will be praying and fasting during these 21 days for God's favor and to consecrate ourselves once again as a people under God.

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