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Beatitude for Dummies#2 Hungry?

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Beatitude for Dummies #2 Hungry? from The ARK Church of the Nazarene on Vimeo.

Beatitudes for Dummies #2

“Developing a good appetite”



Matt 5:6


Luke 6:17-21a


There is a big difference between being filled and being satisfied.


Hunger and cravings are closely associated but hunger is a

normal function and cravings are a taught behavior.


Psalm 10:1-4


How to create a greater appetite for God


1.    Seek God, by letting your thoughts be about Him.


2.    Give attention to the right things (Righteousness)


Proverbs 4:20-27


3.    Know how cravings work.


What I give my attention too, my spirit will desire, what I desire I will have a craving for it.


What my eye sees, my heart can conceive and my life gives birth to it.


Psalm 27:4-5


David’s desire was that his own heart would learn to seek God’s presence.


If you and I learn to dwell in God’s tabernacle, we too will be safe in times of trouble.

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