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Big Faith Muscles

Posted by Admin The ARK on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Under: Sermons

Big Faith Muscles from The ARK Church of the Nazarene on Vimeo.

Body Building #4

“Big Faith Muscles”



How to build a church around faith, and not programs is the greatest challenge in the 21st century Church.


Building your faith muscles in five key areas of life:

1.    Practical Teaching

2.    Providential Relationships

3.    Private Disciplines

4.    Pivotal Circumstances

5.    Personal Ministry


Jesus is always putting His disciples in situations that were building their faith muscles!


John 6:3-6

A problem is always an opportunity to experience the building of your faith.


We measure your spiritual muscle strength, by how big our confidence is that God is able to do more, and even do it through us.


John 6:7-11

A providential relationship is found within these scriptures. To have a healthy relationship you need three people.


John 6:14-15

Jesus did not want to be king of the stomach muscle, but of the faith muscle.


The things you fear; God wants to use to build your faith!


John 6:18-21& Mark 6:48-52 Why didn’t they record what Matthew did in chapter 14?

It is in your area of fear, that God wants you to do your greatest growth. Be careful that your heart is not hard in the area of your fear.


Luke 2:34-35

In every testimony, there are the people who God destined to be a part of your journey.


We need people to choose to play the faith role, and be the providential person in someone else life?



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