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Discernment #3 "Caught in the Stuck Mode

Posted by Admin The ARK on Monday, December 10, 2012 Under: Sermons

Discernment #3

“Caught in the Stuck Mode”


Stuck needing to make a decision? Stuck in a destructive behavior and needing a breakthrough? Spiritual discernment may be what you are lacking.


Spiritual Discernment: The ability to know the difference between a worldly spirit and the Holy Spirit.


Proverb 1:2-6


When you’re stuck in a situation, learn to ask discerning questions and develop spiritual disciplines.


Romans 12:1-2


 Accepting the Holy Spirit requirement of a submissive attitude and prayer is good place to start your spiritual journey.


Once you’ve prayed, how do you discern when it’s time to “take a step,” even when that might mean a step of faith into the unknown?


The prayer step is traction, which means you are moving. You are moving because you are trusting God with the outcome.


Traction is gained by: (1) focus (2) intensity to prayer. Spiritual traction comes through fasting.


2 Samuel 5:17-25


Stuck in an ongoing battle, David chose to pray. After the first victory, David prayed again for more discernment.


1.    Prayer is a vital part of discernment.

2.    Answered prayer doesn’t always mean you’ve got discernment.

3.    Prayer and fasting will move your mind into a transforming position.

4.    God’s Spirit is like the wind; you cannot always discern how it will blow.





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