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Prophecy#1 "Future Generations

Posted by Admin The ARK on Monday, September 10, 2012 Under: Sermons

Prophecy and Future Generations from The ARK Church of the Nazarene on Vimeo.

God reveals Himself through the law, nature, and the prophetic Word.


No generation will ever rise above its understanding of absolute truth.

Genesis 15:6 & 16


The 4th generation is Moses generation and they see forty years of miracles.


Deut. 34:9 Moses literally handed the leadership and anointing into Joshua hands the 5th gen.

40 years of God’s provision and miracles and yet that generation did not honor God.  Some say if we only see miracles, people will believe. But Moses generation saw miracles and did not believe.


Judges 2:6-8

30 years of prosperity did not assure the 5th generation a godly outcome.


Judges 2:10-12

The 6th generation abandoned the beliefs of their parents and grandparents.


Judges 2:15

When you have received everything, and believe nothing, you will be in distress.


Deut. 5:8-10

One generation must coach the next through Biblical instruction and correction.


Proverbs 5:11-14 & 23

A generation is dying because of a lack of instruction and correction.


The 4th generation had 40 years of miracles. The 5th had 30 years of prosperity. The 6th generation, neither knew God nor believed in Him.


Prophecy is always a reminder of two paths. One with its reward and the other with its judgment.


Jude 1:17-25


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