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Secret Ingredients #1 "Sin"

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“Secret Ingredients #1”


Adding, subtracting, or exchanging ingredients will change a recipe.


Problem #1 Sin is sin (Have you ever had someone tell sugar is sugar? We know there are a lot of different sugars and they can change a recipe if you use the wrong type.)

Romans 3:23

 All have sinned but not all have sinned equally.

1.    I John 5:16-18 some sins will kill you, and bring death to those around you.

2.    All sin separates us from God. (Romans 3:23)

3.    All sin needs forgiveness. (Romans 6:23)

4.    All sinners need a Savior. (Romans 3:24-26)


Problem #2 The main focus of sin is judgment, it should be separation.


Sin is missing God’s will; transgression is missing God’s will on purpose, iniquity is the lack of control in an area of sin.


Romans 4:7-8 (Blessing #1)

What is the Blessing?

Answer: Propitiation (An offering that turns away wrath)


 I John 4:10


I John 4:11-12 (Blessing #2)


The world is touched by us extending an offering that turns away wrath in the hearts of those that don’t know God’s love.

 Romans 6:11-14 (One Challenge)

 When we surrender fully our master is the Holy Spirit, who gives us the fruit of self-control.


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