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Spiritual Renewal

Posted by Admin The ARK on Sunday, June 10, 2012 Under: Sermons

The New Normal #5

‚ÄúSpiritual Gratification‚ÄĚ




Crowd Breaker:   In describing your last six months of following Jesus would you use words like exciting, powerful, insightful or would you use word like frustrating, unfullfilling, and difficult? What gives you spiritual gratification?


 Scripture Reading: Galatians 5, Ephesians 2:2-5   Connection Class Scripture (Romans13:11-14)


Life Application:  Gratification is a very real a powerful tool. Delayed gratification is even more powerful. Very few people can practice delayed gratification without a source that is more powerful than their own desires. The Holy Spirit promises to do just that, to give you an inner strength to say no to your self-centered desires, and the ability to yes to spiritual power and principles.


 Prayer: Holy Spirit, fill me with your presence and dull me senses to the things of this world. Amen!

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