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We are excited to share with you an opportunity to double our impact for those most in need. A trusted partner to True Shepherd has generously offered to match all donations, up to $30k for the next 90 days! We know that those who have partnered with us before are a generous people and we pray that you will join us again in making the most of this incredible opportunity.


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Strong Godly Leadership in North West Haiti

It has been a while since our last update. These last 6-8 months or so in Haiti have been challenging. The on-going political situation is continuing to be a de-stabilizing factor for all Haitians and the north west region has been no different. Until recently, communication with the Duclos's and the leadership team has been difficult and during some weeks nearly impossible. Along with this there have been skyrocketing prices on all items from food, gas and other basic necessities. It has left so many on the edge of the abyss, choosing which child to feed and on a constant search looking for work and help. In the North West the rains this year have been sporadic at best, only a fraction of the usual rainfall. This has devastated the crops on which so much depends, for food and market income. As we head into summer it looks to be a dry and barren time for the farmers and their families here in the Jean Rabel region. 

One of the few lights of hope in this region is the work of True Shepherd and its local leadership team. Antony and Marietta Duclos and the True Shepherd team have been working so hard to bring relief and hope to many. Weekly mobile clinics are reaching remote communities far from the main towns bringing much needed medications and medical help. The sheep program is blessing communities with animals to provide sustainable income. The church shops have provided income for churches to provide for teachers and pastors. Each of these programs is reinforcing that the Lord hasn’t forgotten them, and that He is close to the broken and afflicted.

“The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”
Psalm 34:17

2019-2020 Adult NMI Missions Books

Shiro Kano: Faithfulness at Any Price by Merritt Nielson

Originally told in 1948 by Alice Spangenberg, the story of Shiro Kano is a compelling call to faithfulness at any price. It is a timely reminder that in every generation, God needs men and women who will follow His call and who will faithfully render their service for the sake of the many who do not yet know Christ. 

Not all stories turn out as we would expect or hope. But God is the Author and Finisher of faith, and the end of this story is not yet fully known. This book should draw a simple prayer: “Lord, give me such a faith in and for my generation.”


What Begins Here Transforms the World by Debbie Salter Goodwin

Africa Nazarene University is a story of transformation led by an innovative group of pioneers. Debbie Salter Goodwin immerses you in their spirit and their faith. Whether administrator, faculty, or student, all share the same passion: God wants to transform lives and can use them to do it.

The ANU community believes that the title of this book is more prayer than claim. As you read their story, make it your prayer as well. Join this transformational mission, believing that what God begins in your life will transform your world, too.

Tracy Sahib, Servant of Christ in India by R. Franklin Cook

The story of Leighton Tracy, pioneer missionary to India, was originally told by his daughter Olive Tracy. Tracy Sahib, Servant of Christ in India is a testimony to God’s faithfulness to those called to go to the ends of the earth. Franklin Cook grew up in India and shares keen insights into the sub-Continent, its cultures, and people.

Catch a glimpse into the challenging context into which Tracy stepped and discover what has been accomplished there since this book was first released in 1954.

2018-2019 Adult NMI Missions Books

Where a Yes Can Take You by Ramón Sierra and Juan Vázquez Pla 

The stories of four Puerto Rican couples whose lives were impacted by missionaries who first came to their shores. See how God chose to use the faithful ‘Yes’ to extend influence through these families in countries far from the little island of Puerto Rico: to South and Central America, and beyond to the streets of major cities in the United States.

Maps Beyond Geography by Stéphane Tibi 

Maps are about more than finding your way through geographical obstacles and terrains. StudyMaps is a new way of looking at both faith and scripture, and of engaging and strengthening the memory to prompt us to evangelism, discipleship, and maturity.

Africa, O Africa by Louise Robinson Chapman, Edited by Chuck and Doris Gailey 

A story of incredible resilience and passionate faith in a country not her own, Louise Robinson Chapman’s Africa, O Africa is a reminder that God calls and sends people who are willing to say ‘Yes’ to His will. This updated edition, by Chuck and Doris Gailey, retired missionaries to Africa, brings the reader the voice of Dr. Chapman and picks up the story since the book was first released in 1945.

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