Meet Our L.I.N.K.S. Missionaries

Salazar Hernandez Family is our L.I.N.K.S. Missionaries Family! 

Visit their website to read and follow their latest adventure.

The Emphasis, is Volunteers in Missions

There are several ways you can be involved in Missions here at the ARK: 

  • We are planning a Work & Witness project for 2018!  Mike Coco, Rod Bensley and Rich Madison will be in charge of the project and more information will be coming soon.
  • Mission Corp is an opportunity where you can volunteer anywhere from three months to a year as an individual, family or group. For more info visit missionary
  • ROAM (RV'rs On A Mission. For information about this program go to
  • Campus Missions-If you are interested in this program, contact Chris Bean at

Missionary Reading Contest

We are having a CONTEST between the guys and the gals to see which group can read the most missionary books by the end of the church year. This is for teens and adults. The team that looses will be preparing a nice dinner for the team that wins. 

For more information about involvement with Missions, contact Evelyn Yeager 

Phone:(909) 795-6134

Currently the men have read 32 book and the women have read 48. It's looking like the men will be making dinner for the ladies this year. If you have checked out book or CD please finish reding/listening and return them to Evelyn Yeager at the Information Center as soon as possible.