"Noise and the rat race or a commitment to silence?"

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How do I justify my commitment to silence?  Out of the silence came this response. How do you justify your commitment to noise, the rat race, and rushing? 

It seems to me that we have abdicated our responsibility to become human.  Humanness embraces the significance of grace, creativity, love, joy, sorrow, sadness, whatever is included in the quest toward freedom.   Silence empowers us to be thoughtful and reflective which gladly honors the love of God, self and others.  I believe the whole purpose of being a person of faith is to be fully human, having life and having it more abundantly.  To choose another direction is tantamount of the greatest refusal you can ever make.   If we are immersed in this human adventure we will take God seriously for this relationship calls us to enter into the consuming fire of God’s love! 

Silence is one of several practices which put us in touch with and gives us the access to take a long loving look at the real.  This journey will be enhanced through meditation and contemplation.

 As a Spiritual Director, I find many in our society live lives full of loneliness, alienation from family and friends.  This living life hallow and half-heartedly is rooted in our societal lack of willingness to enter the silence.  The journey is rooted in love, the deepest of all intuitions which is essential to nurture this human adventure.  In the 21st century we are being called to live our lives with the radical consequences of love.  Our real vocation is to love rooted in truth, with a growing knowledge of the Beloved’s world, discernment, which requires impartial loving in the context of united and critical reflection.

Silence practiced teaches us how little we actually give ourselves to God.  As one directee said years ago, “The noise in my life is what keeps me from the very heart of God.”

To enter the silence is to acknowledge another aspect of God that we will never discover without this journey.  Entering the silence admits our fragments spiritual lives and our personal frustration with our perpetual replay of those things which have become familiar.  What intrigues me is the lack of conversations which focus on our personal intimate journey with God.  This lack ends up in idolatry with only the familiar in our lives than with the love of God which is always deepening toward something new and discoverable.

Have you ever entered the silence?  If you have you immediately discovered how challenging it is for you to stay with this commitment.  You will need to learn how to let go of noise.  You will need to let go of our cultural value of always doing something. 

Can we become clay in the potter’s hands once again?  Another directee said to me , “Oh become clay again and let the potter continue to mold and shape your life.”  He had discovered the intimacy of letting go and being daily present to God in silence with his only commitment to simply being present.

So why not cultivate the soil of silence in your life with this hope in mind.  God longs for us to be at home in many worlds because of our awareness of a loving God.  The journey into the silence is the most important challenge we have regarding our use of our time in the 21st century.

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