Praying Through the Newspaper

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To teach people to pay attention to the news and current events going on and making them a matter of prayer.

 Instruction for a group experience:

Talk about our responsibility as Christians to pray for our world. Take a newspaper and read through some of the headlines on the front page. Where applicable, point out the areas where we have missionaries and the situations that may be affecting them. Divide into small groups of three or four and give each group a section of the newspaper to use for their prayer list. Have the group go through their section—making each headline a matter of prayer.


Pray through the newspaper. The paper is full of needs, crises, hurts, and troubles that should cause the heart of the Christian to break.

Caution against subtle indifference in our attitudes toward suffering humanity—or, at the very least, a sense of helplessness. But there is something we can do. We can pray.

Each of the news stories represents lives, real people who are hurting, desperate, and in need of intervention from God.

Read the paper with the eyes and heart of Christ, and ask God to mercifully intervene.

If there is a famine—pray for food and water to be available.

Where there is bloodshed—pray for peace.

Story about the president—pray for our government leaders

 Items Needed:

Several newspapers

The Sun

Press Enterprise


Time:  Suggestion would be 30 minutes to start with and see where this practice takes you and begin to notice its impact on your life.

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