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p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:11.0pt"> Jeanne de Caussade

1675 - 1751

“You are seeking God and he is everywhere. Everything proclaims Him to you. He is by your side, over you, around and in you. Here is His dwelling and yet you still seek him. Ah! You are searching for God, the idea of God in his essential being. You seek perfection and it lies in everything that happens to you---your suffering, your actions, your impulses are the mysteries under which God reveals himself to you.”


                                                               Source: Abandonment to Divine Providence


Exercise: Examen


The Examen exercise is one of many tools used fruitfully by many Christians who desire to discern God’s will for them as individuals and it can be used to discern God’s call to us within the Church and the world.

  • Become quiet and try to be aware of God’s presence.  Give God thanks for his great love for you.
  • Ask for the insight to see the Holy Spirit acting in your life and for the grace to understand and respond to the divine call.
  • Recall in your mind a specific segment of time ___ a day, half-day, week, etc.  Look for instances of God’s presence in your life.  These could be desires, fears, memories, etc.  What has been happening?  How did you respond?  Is there a pattern?
  • Evaluate what happened in this slice of time and your response to what happened.  How did you cooperate with God and God’s call?  Give thanks for the occasions.  How did you not cooperate?  Ask pardon for these occasions.
  • Plan how you will collaborate more efficiently with God as he acts in your life.  Specifically, what do you need to do for this to happen?  Prepare to carry it out.  Pray for the grace to do it.  Close with the Lord’s Prayer.

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