Tevya Prayer

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Perhaps we ought to looks at what Jesus actually did, so that we would understand what we need to be about in following Him.  What were some of the spiritual practices Jesus used to maintain the experience and perception that God was within Him.


1.      Jesus lived a simple life.

2.      His life was frugal and sacrificial in nature.

3.      He was constantly going apart to be in silence and solitude. 

4.      He prayed constantly, even on the cross.

5.      He prayed the Psalms.

6.      He served others laying aside his own interests.

7.      He loved his followers and all people fully and completely.

Spiritual Practice:  The Tevya Prayer

A film to watch would be Fiddler on the Roof.  Tevya is the main character.

He is an observant Jew, being faithful to temple, but his more meaningful prayers we out in the barn, alone, with his old horse.  There you will find him in conversation with God, intimately, but uninhibitedly.  He simply believed if he had to listen to God in temple, God had to listen to him in his barn.  Here he complained, talked deeply about his hopes and disappointments.  The Tevya Prayer is a direct opposite of our polite ways of praying, full of religious language with our ongoing chatter, seeking counsel, but not being willing to wait long enough to hear it.    His prayers are spontaneous conversations, between friends who hold nothing back from each other.

The risk in this type of praying is that you present your one-sided show and quickly move on to the next issue which is troubling you and not stopping to listen.

The Lord says to the Psalmist, “Be still and know that I am God.” 

Most of us don’t enjoy the solitude in the barn and the company of our favorite pet or old horse when something is eating at us.  This type of honest praying lends itself to walking or working.  So wherever you discover that works for you enter into the Tevya Prayer and see what God is saying in your wonderful conversation together.  Be prepared for strange looks from your loved one’s as they hear your conversations with God.  They may think you are a little crazy.

Source:  Margaret Guenther Spiritual Guide, Professor and author.  The Practice of Prayer

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