Lead Pastor Kevin O'Connor

 Text: (209) 658-9074

Email: kevino@thearkredlands.com

 Executive Pastor

 Carol Theotig

 Text: (909) 223-5500 

Campus Pastor

DJ Wegner

Email: Dj254wegner@gmail.com

Outreach & Big Events Director

Kira Wegner

Email: kiracwegner@gmail.com

Connection Director

 Mindy O'Connor

 Text: (209) 628-2582

 Email: mkoconnor910@gmail.com

 Assistant to the Pastor

 Mike Coco

 Home: (909) 335-1389 

Director of Computer Technology (I.T. Guy)

Jason Bowe

Email: Elexanikth@gmail.com

Technical Director of Visual Arts

Crystal Bowe

Email: GamingDolphinGirl@gmail.com

Children's Pastor (If you can find a picture of Bei it will be a first)

  Bei Wong

 Text: (909) 815-8003

Youth Director

 Jared Hudnall

 Email: jxhudnall@gmail.com