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  Thank you for visiting my page...

  Believe it or not, I'm a "girl" a lot like you. I've got a few of my own successes and failures. My own issues and idiosyncrasies. Just like you I have good days and bad days. It doesn't matter if we sit on the front pew or back row at church, we most likely have more things in common than not.

  You'll find when you get to know me, I'm all for informality and being real. I love visiting with ladies from all different backgrounds and lifestyles.
Especially over coffee or breakfast!

  Browsing through antique stores and hunting for bargains at local thrift stores is one of my passions! I often see value and potential in things others might not look twice at. I was a DIY girl before it was in. Decorating on a shoestring budget, cooking simple meals for my family, and visiting with neighbors over the picket fence are just a few of the simple things I enjoy. I've only been a pastors wife for eleven years, after loosing my first husband to cancer.

  Besides my love for casual and informal times with ordinary ladies, I'm also drawn to the sacred things that can be discovered in reading God's Word, journaling my prayers, and discovering quiet places where I can listen for God's still small voice. 

  It's one of my greatest desires to share some of those special moments with ladies just like you, in quaint little coffee shops, cafes, or small groups. I'd love to visit with you!

  If you'd like to get together, send me an email and we'll put something on the calendar. I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you.

   Sincerely His, Mindy O'Connor

   Senior Pastor's Wife @ The ARK Church
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                                                                                                    Why Suffer in Silence

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Restoration  .  Self-Worth  .  Wholeness  .  Redemption  .  Freedom  .  Forgiveness

                                                                                                        Hope for men and women who have been affected by abortion.
                                                                                                                                     Save One Bible Study

Do you want to experience real Forgiveness from your past? Are you hesitant to talk to someone about your abortion experience? You are not alone. Statistics prove that 45% of all women have experienced abortion at least once. Yes, even Christian women have had abortions. Many live in shame and never seek healing due to fear of rejection. You can find the total forgiveness you need through our confidential group Bible study. This Bible study is offered through the San Bernardino Pregnancy & Family Resource Center.

  Benefits of Save One Bible Study:

  Peace of mind. Renewed joy in life. Release from guilt, sadness, and pain. Learn how to forgive yourself & others. Freedom from the personal shame. Personal Growth.


     WOMEN:  Sonja Bates (909) 762-3878 or email:

     MEN:  Tom Wilson (951) 359-3259 or email:

      114 E. Airport Drive, Suite 104, San Bernardino CA 92409 .  (909) 382-4550